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With an open and humble heart I introduce myself to you. Choosing a marriage counselor is a gamble, even when your best friend tells you how great their experience was. You can read what some of my clients said about me and you still won’t know if I will be able to help you. But there is something you need to know about me, more than my 28+ years of helping people, and more than my education from DePaul University and University of Texas at Austin. 

You need to know that I am married 45 years but after 18 years my husband and I ran into a big issue and went for marriage counseling, this resulted in us divorcing. Seven years of being divorced past before I stopped being stubborn and I came back to the man I truly loved but did not know how to be married to.

Upon coming back I asked him if he thought we could have avoided the divorce if only we had the right therapist. He agreed. I then decided to be that right therapist so your marriage can bring you the joy that mine has given me. But insurance rarely covers couples counseling, and I couldn't work as a therapist outside the state my license was in. So I decided to get trained as a Relationship Coach and specialize in relationships. And now I can work with couples from anywhere in the United States. 



Kimberly Hoppe Brenner
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  Relationship Expert